ServiceMaster Restore By Calco Clean

Emergency Board-Up & Tarping

We will board-up and tarp any compromised areas including windows, walls, doors or your roof to prevent further damage and to secure your home after a Vandalism, Fire, Flood or any other disaster.

Call us when a storm, fire or any disaster damages your home. We’ll be on site within 4 hours to board up and tarp any compromised areas.

Protect your property after a fire, from weather or break-ins

After damage to your home, whether from a flood, fire, storms or vandals, we provide 24/7 emergency services to secure your property and prevent further damage. We will board up or tarp any compromised areas including roofs, walls, windows or doors, ensuring your property is safe until the restoration process can begin.

  • After a fire: A home is very likely to suffer structural damage after a fire. Our emergency board-up and tarping services will prevent additional damage until the restoration of your home begins. We’ll be on-site to tarp off your roof, preventing water from entering. Doors and windows or other areas will be boarded up and/or tarped as needed.
  • Mother Nature: Many buildings in our area were left damaged in the aftermath of hurricanes Sandy and Ida. You’ll need your roof, siding, windows or any other areas destroyed by severe weather to be covered until repairs can be made. Wind can tear off siding, send objects into your windows, break or uproot trees, sending them crashing onto your roof. 
  • Break-ins & vandalism: Vandals can cause enough damage to require emergency board-ups. We can secure your home after any windows or doors have been broken, preventing further damage. We also offer preventative board-up services at vacant properties that offer protection from vandalism or break-ins.
  • Flood: Depending on the type of flooding, different services may be required. Tarping would be needed for a leaking roof  from rainfall. Rising water from flooding getting into your home could compromise the structural integrity of your walls. This would require board-up services.
  • Accidents: We can secure your property after a major accident, such as a car crashing through the wall of your home, work related incidents caused by a contractor, or any other type of accident which leaves your home vulnerable. Your property will be secured until repairs can be started.

Available when you need us

You don’t need to feel alone during a disaster situation. Call us anytime because like us, emergencies never take a holiday. Our technicians provide high quality restoration services along with guidance based on years of experience. 

At ServiceMaster Restore By Calco Clean, we’ve worked on thousands of job sites just like yours. We know just what do to next to help get you through this stressful time. Call (845) 343-6443 to get help now.