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Odor Removal Services

We use specialized products, equipment and expertise to remove odors from your home whether they are caused by fire, smoke and soot, sewage, or biological sources.

We can restore items affected by odors thus lowering replacement costs and leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

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Safe & Effective Odor Removal

We’ll provide thorough explanations and walk you through the entire process. Sometimes multiple treatments may be necessary, so we will work with you to provide the best solution possible to ensure there are no odors are left lingering in your home.

Our Methods for Odor Removal

We have a wide range of advanced deodorization equipment to eliminate odors from your home, including:

Air Scrubbers
HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of airborne particles, eliminating odors and enhancing the quality of air for safe breathing.

Thermal Fogging
A thermal fogger penetrates tough to reach spots in your home that smoke may have traveled. The mixture neutralizes smoke odor by attaching to smoke particles and absorbing them.

Ozone Generators
Ozone kills the bacteria that causes odors, so the odor does not return. Our use of ozone is done safely by qualified technicians.

Hydroxyl Generators
Very similar in operation to ozone, these use hydroxyl radicals to break apart odor molecules.

Common causes of odors

Fire, smoke and soot: Smoke and soot particles can remain in your indoor air for many days after a fire is extinguished. Besides just dealing with the smell, these smoke particles can present a health hazard. They can seep into drywall and porous surfaces, leaving a persistent odor that seems to not be affected by regular cleaning.

Water, mold and mildew: Any lingering water damage that is not immediately addressed can lead to mold growth and a mildew smell in your home. Following remediation of water or mold damage, we also provide odor removal services to ensure 100% complete restoration and no lingering odors.

Sewage: If sewage has ever leaked into your home, then you know the stench that it leaves behind. As part of our sewage cleanup service, we finish the process by completely removing any trace of sewage stench from your home.

Biological: The sources of these odors could be leaking wastewater pipes, filth from hoarding or garbage, or animal sources: urine, feces, vomit or dead animals. 

Cigarette smoke: Tobacco smoke and residue leaves a deeply embedded smell that is very difficult to get rid of. Besides the lingering smell, cigarette smoke also leaves a brownish film on interior surfaces. Our cigarette odor removal services will leave your home or business smelling fresh and clean.

Kitchen smells: Smells of  cooking oils, curry and other foods coming from your kitchen can be removed. Protein soot may be embedded in the surfaces in your kitchen which we have methods for removing.

Serving the Middletown, NY area since 1982

ServiceMaster Restore By Calco Clean provides fast and effective solutions to Commercial & Residential property losses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Our team of restoration experts have the tools and experience to rid your home or business of any stubborn smell. We’ll make your home or business smell fresh and clean with no trace of an odor whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. It is harmful to humans, pets and plants. When the ozone reacts with the cells in your lungs, it can cause damage leading to shortness of breath, coughing, etc. During an ozone treatment process, you won’t be able to enter the room until it has been well ventilated. After proper ventilation, there are no residues or chemicals left behind since ozone is a natural molecule, it is simply a molecule consisting 3 oxygen atoms.

This depends on the type of treatment required. Our technician will discuss this with you and come up with a plan based on your specific needs. For some treatments, all pets and plants must be removed and no one would be able to enter for a few hours.

Yes, this is typical after a fire and we offer this as part of our fire damage restoration service. We can remove odors from many household items.

Treating odors alone can be done in a single workday. Removing the source of odors can be different depending on what is needed. A dead animal in the wall or under your floor, repainting and sealing in tobacco residue, or removing and replacing carpets and carpet padding would add more time and complexity.

This is going to depend on how large of an area, how many rooms, furniture or other items, etc. Contact us for a free estimate so we can see what we’re dealing with and we’ll be better able to give you pricing.